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prefers to remain anonymous Mr. David Bowman
CM-DTC PhD Student
Room 112
e: db88
t: 1653
David completed an integrated Masters degree in Physics at the University of Nottingham in 2013 before joining the group in St Andrews as a PhD student.
DC Dr. Donatella Cassettari
Lecturer / Group Leader
Room 218
e: dc43
t: 3109
Donatella has worked on cold atoms since her diploma thesis at the University of Pisa. After her PhD in Innsbruck and a research fellowship in Oxford, she came to St Andrews as a lecturer in 2005.
prefers to remain anonymous Mr. Philip Ireland
CM-DTC PhD Student
Room 120
e: pi8
t: 3158
Before rejoining the group, Phil obtained an MPhys degree from St Andrews.  His thesis project “Holographic traps for ultracold atoms” won the School’s thesis prize.


Aidan Arnold
University of Strathclyde
Ring Traps for Rotation Sensing
Graham Bruce
University of St Andrews
Holographic Optical Traps
Paul Griffin
University of Strathclyde
Portable MOT for public engagement
Jonathan Keeling
University of St Andrews
Holographic Optical Traps
Brendon Lovett
University of St Andrews
Sub-Doppler cooling
Steven Thomson
University of St Andrews
Disordered optical lattices
Andrea Trombettoni
SISSA & CNR, Trieste
Topological Kondo effect

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Mr Thomas Ackernley
Mr Matthew Anderson
Mr Sithu Aye
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